How We Can Help

The Hamilton County Municipal Court Help Center provides free information and limited legal advice in Municipal Civil cases for individuals who do not have a lawyer.

The Help Center can answers questions on the following issues:

The Help Center staff and volunteers may help by:

Computer Access:

The Help center also provides free access to the internet for self-represented litigants to research resources and relevant topics. You can also use the computer to fill out and print forms.

What The Help Center Can’t Do:

The Help Center’s staff and volunteers do not represent you in court or provide ongoing legal representation, advice or services.  Help Center paralegals and volunteer law students cannot provide legal advice. Additionally, the Help Center does not replace the representation of an attorney in your case.  There may be instances where Help Center attorneys determine that your case is too complex for the Help Center to assist you.

We are unable to provide assistance with criminal cases. If you have a criminal case, please contact the Hamilton County Public Defender at 946-3700.   

When coming to our office:

To help us help you, please bring all relevant documents related to your case or legal issue, including court papers, documents (leases, contracts, receipts, etc.) and other evidence, including photos.

Help Center lawyers will not represent you in court. This service is provided to help you represent yourself.